I’m just looking at the view from my window and how grey and cold it is outside. Honestly I can’t believe it is this time of the year already. Just over 4 weeks till Christmas, say what?

If you and your family are keen travellers or you know a travelling family and you seriously looking for some Christmas ideas, this post is definitely for you. We include travel related gifts, some educational, some practical and some for fun as well. I just wanted to add that it is not a sponsored post and 80% of the products mentioned below our kids actually own and totally love.

1. Playskool Dressy Kids Boy/Girl
My both girls totally love any manual activities which involves buttons or zippers. This toy encourages 5 dressing learning activities – button, zip, ties, fastening and buckle. It has clip holder for travel on the go and when it gets dirty you can just throw it in washing machine.

2. Kidizoom® Duo 5.0 Camera
We got this camera for Lily’s 3rd birthday and she totally loves it. She sees her mummy behind camera and love coping what I do. Even back at home she uses it daily at home or outside. There is an easy switch between two lenses and it applies funny effects, stamps and frames to the pictures or videos. We love scrolling through pictures she did and discovering some funny moments she managed to capture.

3. Learning Resources GeoSafari Jr. Kidnoculars
This is our essential on hikes. When the girls get tired or bored with walking, they usually cheer up when we stick those binoculars. It encourages them to explore as they are looking for birds, butterflies or worms.

4. Regatta Kids’ Lofthouse II Insulated Jacket
Every adventurous kid needs insulated jacket. They are super light and super compact, so can fit into any luggage. Thermoguard insulation and durable water repellent finish makes it perfect for all cold, windy and rainy conditions.

5. Brainstorm Toys E2012 Animal Torch and Projector
Recently we visited our friends and they owned some torches and projectors, girls literally played with them for 1/2 day. Particularly now that it gets so quickly dark, it is definitely fun toy to use at home or on outside. I purchased some for the girls stocking this year and can’t wait to see their faces as I’m sure they will love it.

6. Mini Micro Scooter
This is something we use almost every day on the walks with our dog or even while sightseeing if we know there will be concrete paths. It is definitely more pricey than other scooters, but believe me it is worth every penny. We are getting another one for Bella’s birthday this year…and who knows Ollie and I might get one too. I recently read about family that took their scooters to Berlin and as soon as we can dump the pram, this is what we plan to do on our family city breaks.

7. Joules Wellies
Joules is my totally favourite brand for the outdoors. I love the fit and patterns. Ollie always laughs that half of my wardrobe is Joules. Anyway they have beautiful pattern wellies which every outdoor kid will love.8. Around the World Sticker Book
This is perfect travel activity. We actually always take with us some sticker books as it keeps our girls busy in restaurant, train/bus rides or on the plane. All Around the World is a charmingly illustrated sticker book of discovery through different countries. There is sightseeing included, but as well animals or even traditional local costumes.

9. Maps Book
Both our girls are totally crazy about maps. When we are on the walks, they run immediately to it if they see one. This is beautifully created book of maps. It has detailed geographical features like iconic personalities, native animals and plants, local peoples or cultural events. It is a must for a little traveller.

10. Magnets Adventura Djeco
This is one of the favourite toys we always take on the trip. It is a magnetic game which develops children’s imagination. I love the fact that it is a metallic box where the girls can put all the bits away when they finished playing.

11. Water Magic Colouring Book
Another massive hit in our travelling family. I love the fact that it needs only water pen, so it is a mess-free colouring. When it dries the pictures disappear so it may be used over and over again. Perfect for travelling as it will fit to any luggage.

12. Trunki Children’s Ride-On Suitcase
I think every parent knows trunki. It is a boredom busting, the kid can sit-on it, ride it or carry it. Seriously keeps your kids entertained through the airport and encourages them to pack themselves. It is perfect cabin carry-on luggage. We took it on all our big trips this year and I can’t recommend it enough.

13. Orchard Toys Jungle Dominoes Mini / Travel Game
We spent almost evening playing this game with Lily in Croatia and France. I love the fact that there is a board game I can finally play with my toddler. It has a compact size so makes it perfect travel game.

14. Barbie Dream Camper Pink Pop Out Caravan for Dolls
This is actually present Lily asked Father Christmas this year, so we didn’t have an opportunity to test it yet, but I got super excited she actually picked toy like this. We are planning to use camper van while in Iceland so I think it is perfect preparation for this trip.

15. Stacking Cups
I probably mentioned it hundreds of times, but stacking caps never leave our suitcase. The girls will play with them in bath, on the beach or even at home. They are great for the pretend play like making teas or give them some dry pasta to divide between them. Honestly the cheapest and best gift you can give your kids.

Hope you enjoy our selection and you found it useful! If there are any other recommendations you would love to share with us, please comment below.

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