I think every year my husband struggles with some Christmas presents for me. He always tells me that I’m the most difficult one as I apparently have everything (or if I need something, I just get it). Well, if you are looking for a Christmas gift for women who love to travel or if you hope to get some inspiration to pass it to your husband (oh sorry, I meant Santa!), here you have a list of my favourites.

This is not a sponsored post and I genuinely wanted to share with you my favourites. Products that I love and use every time we travel. I included as well few products which I wished to get myself (hopefully my husband will read this post!).

1. Pandora Travel Charms
I’m not a massive jewellery fan. As a mum I’m always on the run and my jewellery taste is kept to minimum. I have few nice watches, minimalistic necklaces and earrings. Few years ago, Ollie asked me what I would like to get for my ‘push present’ when Bella was born. I wanted something that I will treasure forever, but at the same time I will use as much as possible. Ollie gave me then a beautiful Pandora bracelet with charm that would represent a birth of our 2nd daughter. Last year he gave me two another charms, one was Globe charm, because we love to travel and another House charm, because we love to come back to our home. I love this idea. Pandora has so many beautiful Travel Charms, but as well so many other themes, so it can be great gift idea not only for travelling mum.

2. Olympus Pen E-PL8
If you are looking to upgrade your photography game, this camera is for you. I own one myself and I love so many things about it. Stylish look, it is not heavy and delivers great quality pictures and videos.

3. Cables & Wires Bag 
If you are travelling mum like me and your travel and photography gear consists of many cables, spare batteries, external disk, adapter to the SD cards, then you need this lovely bag. It is hand crafted in the UK and keeps all your leads and travel chargers organised and safe.

4. Luckiest Adventure Scratch Map
It is a great art work, but it is fun as a family to tick off our bucket list destinations and scratch them off the map. It contains travel guide and map that are separated into four categories: Nature, Culture, Activity and Cuisine

5. Eastpak Backpack
In past year I bought way too many backpacks. As a mum, I love things being comfortable, but stylish at the same time. Let’s face it, very often our role is being camel. We carry EVERYTHING! I always need to pack some spare kids clothes, wet wipes, nappies, my camera, laptop, iPads and few extra female essentials. Honestly I had so many bags that straps just broke after 1 week of travelling. I bought Eastpak Backpack this summer and totally love it. I adore this female colour, how comfy it is and the front pocket for easy access to some kids snacks or wallet.

6. Dr Jart+ Dermask Ceramidin Skin friendly Nanoskin Sheet Mask
I’m one of those mums that as soon as we get off the plane, I get some spot as a souvenir. My skin doesn’t handle well travelling, so I love to use some mask that are easy to pack and doesn’t take too much space.

7. Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask
Actually I have never tried it, but I hope that Santa will read this post and get me one. It has amazing reviews and perfect for on the run mum, that puts mask on her face and can go to sleep.

8. Rab Microlight Alpine Long Jacket
This is one of the best adventure jackets you can ask for. I bought one before having kids (probably like 4 years ago) and it still looks like new. It is super light and you can easily pack it in any luggage. It is the warmest coat I own and it is perfect for any difficult weather conditions. Additionally I look super skinny in it as it has slim fit…perfect choice for adventurous mum.

9. Journal
Because us, mums, love to document and keep a note of all those favourite spots we have visited.

10. Kindle
I love reading books and definitely I don’t read them enough (no time with kids now). However recently I started taking my kindle anytime we travel away and I actually enjoy a quick read on the plane or on the train. Additionally with all the kids crap I need to carry, honestly this is something I always manage to fit in my bag.

11. PortaScent Easy Refill Travel Perfume Spray Bottle
I love using perfumes, but I always struggle to bring them on our travels due to glass water and difficult to fit them into our luggage weight allowance. If you have same problems, this little refill bottle will solve it.

12. Ostrich Travel Pillow
It is enough that on the plane or during train trips, the kid’s head or legs or other body parts lie on us while they are asleep. Apparently this travel pillow is the best on the market and everything else might hurt us, but not the neck…and if you are lucky, you might get some good sleep too. A dream of every mum right?

13. Travel T-shirt
Every travelling mum will love a T-shirt with a adventure or travel motto. There are many on Etsy to pick from or even get a personalised one.

14. Joules Fendora Hat
I’m totally in love with this hat. I have been using it all autumn and it matches perfectly British country look. It is well made and for me it is an autumn/winter fashion essential!

15. Sleeping Mask in Tropical Leaves with Lavender 
Every mum wishes to sleep on the plane and if it does happen why not to do it in a style.  This gorgeous green leaf print eye mask, made from a luxurious combination of cotton, satin and velvet for a dream-like feel on the eyes. It is made in England and and available with or without lavender.

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