This is our first year when we’ve actually sat down and started planning out our bucket list for the upcoming year.

Every year, we always have few ideas of where we would like to visit. By the end of January we will start booking up our bigger Summer trips, but our “smaller other trips” would be a bit more spontaneously arranged! Every year, I always like to surprise Ollie with Birthday trip abroad and let’s hope that tradition continues.

There are some places which we have dreamed about visiting for ages and places we have visited before having kids.

This post is mostly dedicated to us, because when it’s January and you feel totally ‘bleaah’ you always love planning and start dreaming that one day you might be there.

We would love to hear as well your recommendations and plans for 2019. Share them with us as we may get easily convinced to change our minds!

If you have just joined us or you are here by accident, you probably should know that we are UK based family. We moved to Cambridgeshire 2.5 years ago, but every weekend we are able to find a new spot to see. We totally love hiking and being outdoors, so we have big plans for 2019. We would love to see much more of UK and here is our top list.

Cotswolds – It was on our bucket list for ages. Honestly how is it possible we never made our way to Cotswolds. We just can’t wait to see all those glorious and honey-coloured little villages.Picture source

Suffolk  – We often spend quite a bit of time in Norfolk (as Ollie grew up there) – but its southerly neighbour Suffolk now needs to get our attention. We really can’t wait to go strolling around its beautiful beaches.Picture source

Yorkshire  – We spent nearly 10 years living in “God’s own county” – but we need to head back to see more of the bustling city of York to the quainter towns of & enjoying some fish & chips in Whitby.Picture source

Dorset – We really can’t wait to the heroic coastal landscapes that make up the UNESCO-listed Jurassic Coast, where we will be doing fossil-hunting there.  And then there’s the all the lovely long sandy beaches to paddle and splash around in.Picture source

Wales, particularly Pembrokeshire – Up until about 16 Ollie would spend at least one week having a  beach holiday in Pembrokeshire. But it is now time to move this tradition onto the next generation whose turn it is to experience the  rugged coastline, Puffin islands and Britain’s smallest city, St Davids.Picture source

Kent – Nicknamed the “Garden of England” we really can’t wait to take in the breath-taking countryside, but there seems to be plenty of other world-famous attractions to check out.Picture source


Hike in Austrian Apls, particularly around Vorarlberg – Vorarlberg is best known for some amazing ski slopes, but we want to see it in the Summer. There are apparently loads of scenic hiking trails in and around Lech, so we can’t wait to strap the girls on our back & go climbing some Alpine mountains.Picture source

Iceland – 10 days booked trip – We’ve had this trip booked for about 6 months now – so we really can’t wait to the visit. The country looks so picturesque and wild, we are going to love exploring this country on a 10 day road trip.Picture source

Italy in particular Tuscany and Bologna – Bologna seems like its stayed off Italy’s well-beaten tourist track  – which is why we can’t wait to explore it. We will also combine it with an opportunity to visit Tuscany  to spend time in the rolling landscapes and have a day in one of favourite places in the world, which is the gorgeous capital city of Florence.Picture source

San Marino – Have you heard much about San Marino, Italy? Neither have us! Well things are going to change and as it became  “Emerging travel destinations you must not miss” in 2018 – we are really forward to discovering it in 2019.Picture source

Normandy, France – Family holidays to Normandy is a very popular destination for us Brits to discover. Its an easy-to-reach location and we can’t wait to check out its authentic French charm & good food.Picture source

City breaks, Rome and Vienna – We do love our European city break and for a very long time Rome & Vienna have been close to the top. Let’s hope for a romantic breakaway.Picture source

Basque, Spain – Family travel blogger One Tiny leap has called San Sebastián one of the most family-friendly cities in Europe – which make its sound really appealing!  They also talk about one of the best road trips they’ve ever taken going through the “oh-so-beautiful north of Spain” – You have inspired us!Picture source

Another Part of the World

We obviously want to go and explore another part of the world too, the one away from Europe. Our bucket list is Asia, like Bali or Sri Lanka, but we might as well get tempted with a road trip in US.

Tell us your plans for 2019! We would love to hear about it


  1. The Woods Family

    Wowwww! These all look sooooo amazing! We definitely found some travel inspiration to add to our bucket list, too!

    Being from the US it’s almost cliché to admit all the international destinations we’d love to see (Italy, Iceland and Dorset especially!) but there are so many beautiful and amazing places in the US that will take your breath away. Which is why we opted to try to start here for our 2019 bucket list. Can’t wait to see your Iceland adventures!!!

    • Hi there. Thanks so much for commenting. We are really looking forward to Iceland too. Still a lot of planning to do but it is such an exciting trip upcoming. Well, you have so many beautiful sights to do in US. Honestly my top would be Yellowstone, Zion National Park, Joshua, Death Valley. But the list is massive. sometimes wished to live closer

  2. You have to see Nice, France.
    And the coast between Nice and Italy, its just so beautifull..
    We are a middle âge couple (50) with 6 kids from 16 to 35, living in Nice and travelling a lot.
    We specially Know North Italy very well, because its so close to our home.
    You can ask anything about Toscany.
    We will be so happy to share.
    The Nice old town is amazing.

    • Ohh this is so lovely. Thank you so much. We definitely would love to hear more about Tuscany, We visited Florence and Sienna so far, but if you have other recommendations that would be awesome.

  3. What Lens do you shoot with ? Your pics are gorgeous

    • Hi Leslie. Thank you so much. I have two different lenses. 18-200mm Tamron and 50 mm Canon. I have few more, but don’t have space to use all of them due to carrying kids stuff in the bag 🙂

  4. Ourtravelspot

    Ooh we would love to visit some of these! The Cotswolds is definitely on the list when we come back to England, and San Sebastián too!

  5. The Hibberts

    Good planning guys – enjoy

  6. Thank you so much for sharing your helpful information. It’s very unique post

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