Santander is definitely not a most popular destination when you think about travelling to Spain. Believe me, Santander will surprise you. This city is full of magnificence plazas, seaside promenades, beautiful buildings, stunning beaches and even some superb spots for surfers. How not to love all this combination? Santander offers perfect weekend getaway destination. And with flights just two hours from London, it’s a city calling your name.

Faro de Cabo Mayor

We started exploring this town by visiting El Faro lighthouse (Faro de Cabo Mayor). It was a highlight of our trip here. It is not too far out of the city. There is very picturesque walk to do (more info here) or you can just grab a taxi as we did (8 Euros one way). You will get one of the most incredible views across the city, coast and countryside. The girls just adored to run around and pick some flowers while we admired the views. This place with its breathtaking panorama to the ocean has a special atmosphere. It is not a buggy friendly location, so just leave it behind if you can. There is a cafe next to the lighthouse if you wish to grab an ice-cream or coffee.Santander with kids Santander with kids Santander with kids

Santander Cathedral

As the weather wasn’t on our side this day and all museums were closed, we decided to explore Cathedral in Santander. There is a stunning court yard at the top and stunning church of El Cristo at the lower part.Santander with kids, Cathedral Santander with kids, cathedralSantander with kids

Centro Botin

Unfortunately we have arrived to Santander on Monday and guess what? All museums are closed on Mondays. However this architectural masterpiece is incredible to watch even from outside. There is a view point at the top too and you can see stunning views over the city. More info here. Santander with kids,

Walk on the Promenade

From Centro Botin you can have a leisurely stroll along the seafront Paseo de Pereda promenade. You will pass key sights like the Stone Crane, Los Raqueros, port, Planetario de Santander, Palacio de Festivales and Maritime Museum. Santander with kids, promenade Santander with kids Santander with kids, promenade Santander with kids Santander with kids

Enjoy Carousel Rides and Playground at Jardines de Pereda

The Jardines de Pereda is a picturesque set of gardens in the heart of Santander’s old quarter. Its elaborate labyrinth of pathways joins its namesake promenade that overlooks the scenic Santander Bay. Moreover your kids will love 2 level carousel and awesome playground.Santander with kids, carousel Santander with kids, carouselSantander with kids, carousel

Grab a Delicious Ice-cream

There are several delicious ice-creams in Santander. We tried Monerris Helados (read reviews here) and definitely one of our favourites of all time. 

If you just need a quick change of scenery or a longer trip which involves other destinations like Bilbao or San Sebastian, Santander is definitely spot for you. Lovely coastal walks, breathtaking scenery and delicious food will make your getaway just perfect. 

Where to Stay in Santander? 

We stayed in airbnb apartment in centre of Santander. Link to our Airbnb here.

Where to Eat in Santander?

As we visited on Monday, we found a lot of restaurants closed. We highly recommend this Italian restaurant. You won’t be disappointed. 

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