We had an absolutely fantastic time when we travelled to Disneyland Paris in the Motorhome. We had initially thought to go by train, but after a little bit of research we decided to go with Spaceships Family Motorhome.

What was the main reason we did this? Well let’s face it, you definitely don’t travel light when you go with kids.

One of the biggest things we love about traveling in a camper-van/motorhome is that you can load everything onboard, and don’t nee to worry about going over your baggage allowance.

It suddenly becomes your home away from home & everything gets conveniently packed away.

So we packed up & headed towards DisneyLand.Disneyland Paris Disneyland with kidsDisneyland Paris Halloween Disneyland Paris Hallowen

Using the Eurotunnel

We traveled across to Calais via the Eurotunnel. There are however a  few practicalities that you should know.

Firstly as we were hiring our motorhome, we didn’t know what our vehicle reg number was going to be, but then it doesn’t matter if you don’t know it. Just simply click Unknown.

When you’ve checked, you need to head into a waiting area. We picked a departure time which had a specific time slot, but sometimes they will let you on if they have spaces in an earlier train.  Luckily for us we were able to get on a  train an hour earlier than we had planned.

It is also important to know that when driving through France, by law you are required to carry all of the following;

  • Reflective jackets for everyone traveling
  • Warning triangle
  • Headlamp beam deflectors 
  • Breathalysers/alcohol test 
  • A GB sticker (or ‘euro’ registration plates featuring the GB initials)
  • Spare bulbs 

Our Route

When you arrive into France you have two options for driving to Disney Land – either the A16 or a slightly more director route (A26 or A1) Here are those two options which you could take.

We arrived relatively late in the afternoon so our first stop was relatively close by.  Our first campsite was Camping Caravanning Pommiers des Trois Pays (273 Rue du Breuil, Licques, Pas-de-Calais, France, 62850) – which we booked via the great website called Pitchup (in total it costed us €25.20 (£21.98)).

The pitches were mostly grass. As it had been raining for 9 days straight, unfortunately we ended getting stuck in the muddy pitch. Luckily lost of campsites have tractor available to rescue you. 

Options For Sightseeing En Route

I think it’s always important to stop once in a while when you are traveling with kids, just to break the trip up.

We decided to stop in Chantilly which is an elegant old town 50km north of Paris.

It has an imposing, heavily restored Château de Chantilly which is surrounded by plenty of green spaces. We decided not to go inside, but even so it was a beautiful setting and an opportunity to stretch our legs.Chateu ChantillyChateu Chantilly motorhome Chateu chantilly with kids You can also stop in the village of Gerberoy which is apparently one of the most beautiful in France.

I would also recommend checking out Boulogne-sur-Mer which is a lively and attractive seaside town. We didn’t stop there on our trip, but I (Ollie) once had a Stag party there & it was a great place to visit.

Where to stay when you get to DisneyLand

Disneyland does have its very own space where you can park your motorhome for the day and stay overnight. You can find more information here.

It costs 45 euros a night (which is the same price for the daily parking). It definitely isn’t going to win any awards for being the most prettiest places you will ever stay, more just like a gigantic grey car park which doesn’t have any Electric Hook-up facilities. But you could argue that the convenience makes it good place to stay.Disneyland in MotorhomeDisneyland Paris in MotorhomeIf would prefer to stay somewhere which had all the amenities and facilities of a regular campsite – then we would highly recommend;

L’international de Jablines which was 9km from Disneyland Paris and 30km form Paris

Other campsites nearby DisneyLand:

Caravanning des 4 Vents – 22km from Disneyland Paris

Camping Club Le Parc de Paris 18 km form DisneyLand Paris

Inside Our Motorhome

We rented our Motorhome from Spaceships Rentals who offers 3 depot locations in England, Scotland and Ireland.

If you would like to see inside a family motorhome then I’d recommend using this 360 Virtual Tour

When you step foot inside this family motorhome you will first notice the living area. It’s a relatively spacious area & is where the girls sat when we were traveling. When it came to meal times we could all perfectly sit around the table and play a game of Uno.

Inside the kitchen you get a 3-ring gas stove, a sink with running water, a large fridge/freezer and lots of storage areas.

When it comes to sleeping, there are two sleeping areas with a total of four comfortable beds.

So either you have the bunk bed or there’s a spacious loft which has been incorporated above the cab.

The bathroom is very functional. As it can fully closed off with a privacy panel & even has its own shower. Although it’s a little cramped, so I’d recommend showering at the campsite site.Spaceship Motorhome Spaceship Motorhome Spaceship Motorhome Spaceship Motorhome

What is Included in a SpaceShips Family Motor Home?

We had good basic kitchen and cleaning things which included:

  • 3 ring gas stove
  • Plates, bowls, cups and cutlery for 5 people
  • Pots and pans
  • Basic cooking utensils, e.g. spatula
  • Cutting board
  • Knifes
  • Sink with running water
  • Electric cooler
  • First aid kit
  • Internal heating – additional battery is installed and it heats the camper van for 8-10 hrs
  • GPS to use
  • An extra drive was included within our hire fee

Due the time of the year which we were travelling in, we picked the winter kit, which included

  • Warm bedding and extras available such as fan heaters and extra bedding available for our motorhomes.

How much does it cost? Comparison of Going via Rail vs Going via Campervan/Motorhome

Let’s face it, costs are going to play a major decision in how you choose to go to EuroDisney.

So let’s look at a comparison for a family of 4 out of season for a long weekend.

Disneyland in Motorhome Prices

As you can see from our calculations, there is an opportunity to save a lot a money if you travel via Spaceship Rentals MotorHome.

We had a thoroughly great time taking a Motorhome to DisneyLand Pairs & good luck if you decide to take the same journey.Disneyland Paris

This is a sponsored blog post, but all opinions are my own.

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