Krka National Park is undoubtable our favourite highlight in Croatia. This famous spot is a proper nature beauty and you must check its spectacular waterfalls. You maybe wondering about going to Plitvice instead and don’t get me wrong, we had the same doubts. However I spent hours researching about both National Parks. We took into consideration things like crowds, accessibility with double pram and how kids friendly trails are. It is obviously very personal opinion, but you won’t get disappointed with Krka. Let’s face it cascading waterfalls will always make an impression on you (maybe not if you are Canadian and you have the most stunning ones in your country!).

We left our place first thing in the morning to make sure we got there before 9am. There is a maximum number of visitors permitted at one time at Skradinski Buk and we did see a lot of people being denied an entrance, so book ahead or be one of the first ones to enter. When we arrived, we missed first boat of the day by few minutes and we had to wait around 30 minutes for the next one. The boat will take you almost to the Krka’s main attraction, Skradinski Buk. It is a fun trip to do with kids, so make sure you don’t miss it.When we left the boat, we decided to do some exploring first. There weren’t so many people yet, so we crossed the bridge and wanted to hike up to the higher point. Unfortunately we were told by the staff at the entrance that park is easily accessible by pram. What a misleading information it was! The first part where you get to the Skradinski Buk waterfalls and the bridge are completely fine, but if you would like to get more spectacular views or explore more, there is endless amount of steps. At this stage we decided to leave our pram unattended and put Bella in baby carrier. If we knew, we wouldn’t be bothered with our double pram at all if I can be honest.

There are several restaurants/bars and picnic areas (great little pancake stall). We haven’t seen a nappy changing facilities, so you might have to change your little one in the pram or on the blanket. I highly advise as well to have with you some insect repellent as I got awfully bitten by mosquitoes while Ollie had a swim.



The boat trip from Skradin’s entrance to Skradinski Buk is included with the price of the ticket. It takes you through beautiful scenery and it is so worth to do it. Our girls truly enjoyed it and it made additional attraction for them. Just make sure you check the timings as they are not running at the frequent times. You should leave as well a bit earlier to catch the last boat as there will be a long queue. 2. CROSS THE BRIDGE AND HIKE UP TO THE VIEW POINT ABOVE SKRADINSKI BUK 

As mentioned above, we got some misleading information in regards of pram accessibility. It is all stroller friendly around Skradinski Buk, but if you decide to hike up for some views there is endless amount of steps (and one way navigation as well as some paths are a bit narrow). At this point, we decided to leave our double pram unattended and hike up to sightseeing spots. Make sure you don’t miss it as we truly enjoyed the views over the falls and the lake. If you feel more adventures or love hiking there is 2.5h path that takes you all around Skradinski Buk. Apparently the hike is pretty easy and doesn’t require walking boots nor experience. 3. HAVE A SWIM IN SKRADINSKI BUK

This one was definitely Ollie’s highlight of this day out. How often do you get to swim under the waterfalls? Ollie tried to take Lily in as well, however as she is still not a confident swimmer, the current was a bit too strong and water too cold in my opinion (though very refreshing). Moreover something that you might not realised, the surface is very uneven and rocky. I got my foot stuck between two massive rocks, so make sure you wear appropriate swimming shoes. We visited the park during high season, so in the afternoons it does get extremely crowded, full of people, GoPros or selfie sticks. Moreover keep in mind that there are no changing facilities.4. LEAVE EARLIER AND SEE ANOTHER WATERFALL 

As it was getting really crowded in the afternoon, just after lunch time we decided to catch a boat back and drive to Manojlovacki waterfall. We spent around 40 minutes driving through picturestique country sides and abandoned villages. It is very easily accessible as it is around 5 mins walk from the car park to the view point. When we got there, we didn’t encounter an alive soul which made this spot even more special. We took a top path which leads you to the sightseeing point (there are not any indications), however we spotted that there is a path that goes right to the bottom. 5. GRAB A BITE IN SIBENIK 

Sibenik is not located in se in Krka National Park, but it is a location that many tourists discover on the same day trip. It is a small, relatively undiscovered city in Croatia. Previously it had pretty bad reputation, but actually now it is seen as lovely historical sight that is worth to stop by. It has a fortress with spectacular views and many narrow and uneven streets that you can easily get lost in. Due to its size, we grabbed a quick bite next to the waterfront and then had around 40mins walk in the centre. If you have some more time or you are up for some more adventure, I read extremely nice reviews about 3rd waterfall called Roski slap. There are two ways to access it. One way is via boat which you can catch from Skrasinski Buk (leave the pram behind as you need to hike up to get the 2nd boat). It stops as well at stunning Visovac Monastery. Second option is hiking to the view point, however it might not be an option during high season when the temperatures are around 30C.

We truly enjoyed Krka National Park and we definitely plan to come back one day when the girls are older to do some proper hiking. Maybe this time, it won’t be in high season. 


  1. This was all really informational. We’re headed to Croatia soon and plan on visiting Krka with our toddler. Which ticket do you recommend buying? I saw there are a few different options online.

  2. Going to Krka NP on a day tour with 1 and 3 years old children by our rental car. I guess we take two strollers with us. What would you guys suggest us to do there in June?

    • Hi. are you going next June? If you plan to visit only Skradinski Buk, I would only advice to get 1 pram (or baby carrier) as there is not as much walking involved and there are boats departing every 30 mins (though make sure to arrive before 9am as it gets really busy and tickets sell out quickly). It is not very buggy friendly place, we left ours and went for the wonder around. If you want to go for a walk which 3 yrs old could easily do, there are many steps to go up to the view points (but though if you have 2 buggies). All depends how good walker is your 3 yrs old. Very jealous…it is stunning area and not to be missed. Enjoy it

  3. Hi! Love your blog so helpful when travelling with a baby. We are going to the Krka waterfall tomorrow but now definitely want to see the Manojlovacki waterfall you mentioned but can’t find it on Google maps does it have another name?
    Thanks amy

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