Who doesn’t adore the little mischievous, charming Peter Rabbit and his friends as he overcomes obstacles, outwits predators and avoids danger in tv series ran by CBeebies? Well, if your kids are big fans and in preschool age you will enjoy a full day of fun in this new themed Peter Rabbit Adventure Playground, opened at Willows Farm, St. Albans.There are several stage performances during a day, including Peter Rabbit, Benjamin Bunny, Lily Bobtail, Mr. Tod or even ducks and sheep shows. The spectacles are very engaging and involve a lot of singing and dancing. In addition, the day gets even better after watching sheep and duck competitions which are great attractions for both children and adults. Everyone can choose the chip’s colour earlier and cheer on his chosen one during the races. The kids as well can meet their favourite characters during Meet and Greet session. Lily just adored meeting Peter Rabbit which is one of her most adored children personalities.After feeding sheep, cows, ponies, ducks in the barn, the girls loved patting and cuddling guinea pigs.  It got a huge indoor play area with plenty of slides, tunnels and where young children can explore the imaginative play in hairdressers, café and shop areas.

If you are coming during summer time, you and your kids won’t get disappointed with all the outdoor attractions. Our top stops were Peter Rabbit Adventure Playground, Mr Tod house, Squirrel Nutkin park, Mr McGregors garden, unlimited funfair rides (the girls literally wouldn’t get off it) and bouncy haystacks. We didn’t get a chance to use the water area as it was still too cold, but Lily loved having fun in the sand in Dig Area. It can feel pricey as the weekend ticket is almost 20£ per head (under 2s are free), but just keep in mind that you don’t pay for any extra activities once you are in. It is worthwhile to buy a ticket online at least 24 hours in advance as you will save around 3£ a ticket (just check weather forecast beforehand).

There are as well plenty of picnic areas, so bring your own food. You can buy on site drinks,ice-creams and food too.

It is one of those places that we won’t be coming often due to the pricing, but we will definitely return at some point as it has been one of the best days out we had so far. Full day packed of mischievous and fun adventures!

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