One of our favourite spots in Croatia was lovely Korcula – the home of Marco Polo. This island is easily accessible from various cities by ferries or catamarans. Whether you plan a day trip to Korcula Island or stay for several days, it has a lot to offer, including hidden beaches, pebbly and sandy shores or stunning Old Town. Every corner will amaze you with its beauty.

Korcula is very often called ‘Little Dubrovnik’ and the beautiful Old Town definitely can take a credit for it. The most iconic part is the bell tower directly in the middle of the city centre. You can see it even from Pelješac Peninsula.

We rented a car from Dubrovnik and drive up to Orebic, then took a 15mins ferry directly to Korcula. We stayed in lovely airbnb place which had swimming pool (Maha Apartment). We would definitely recommend it as it is very family friendly and most of the time we had a place to ourselves (as other family did a lot of daily trips away). However if you are not planning to rent a car, it is around 20-30mins walk to old town….and carrying any shopping or walking in the summer heat might be a bit too much. Korcula was a little escape place for us. Every time we travel, we have a full day packed of activites. We didn’t do a proper holidays last year, so we allowed ourselves a bit of chill-out time while on this stunning island, which included a lot of swimming pool time. We have collected number of activities we loved to do most in Korcula, however it has so much more to offer, including museum, water sports or caves.


1. Build a sandcastle on one of the sandy beaches – We visited Przina beach which is probably best sandy beach on the island. It is easily accessible by car and has a great parking spot. It can be extremely popular during summer days, but has everything you might want for a family day out, including bar, showers and toilets. 2. Watch the sunset from bay next to Old Town or Maksimilijan Garden restaurant – Due to Croatian landscape, the sunsets are just spectacular. Let’s just those pictures say it all. 3. Climb Tower of Cathedral St. Mark – For just 20 Kuna, you can climb up this highest point of the city with the most amazing panoramic views over the Adriatic sea. I wouldn’t recommend to walk up with toddlers as it is very narrow stairwell, including ladder. It has even one-way traffic with the lights indicating if free to go. 4. Have a stroll through Korcula Old Town – Korcula has very small old town, but it is full of charm. It has plenty of crooked streets with small little shops. The promenade walk is very pleasant as full of restaurants which invite to sit down in the shade and have a bite or an ice-cream. Korcula is stunning as well in the evening when all the tourists come to have a stroll. There are many shows in the city centre to enjoy. 5. Cook a seafood yourself or just go to restaurant to try some – There is amazing fish market shop in the centre of city. It is open only between 7-9am and it delivers fresh fish every day. Just go and get some…and cook it for lunch or dinner.

We have visited Hvar and compare to this posh and fancy island where a fresh juice costs you 7£, it is so much more chill-out and children friendly. If you are hungry for some more adventures, go and check Vela Spila cave, rent a bike to see this island in different way or even jump on the ferry to see Lasovo or other island.

I just hope the pictures will actually make it justice and make you book your flights straight away, or at least put this stunning island on your travel bucket list.

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  1. This is fabulous! We spent two months in Croatia but didn’t get to see Korcula. After reading your blog, we will definitely be going there upon our return to Croatia!

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